Rock-N-Roll: That’s what it’s all about!
Along with baseball & apple pie it’s a cool thread that connects the fabric of America & its need to feel alive.
Riff/Raff is a Chicago based rock band that takes you back through the early years of AC/DC circa 1973-79, also known as the (singer) Bon Scott era.
By using the elements of guitar, drums, bass & vocals in a pure & simple fashion the listener can hear how each individual instrument fits with the others; this at its core is music to relate to!
Performing live Riff/Raff gives you an up close & intimate view of how this was done back in the 70's
You can see & hear the fantastic chorus of dual guitars as they howl through Marshall tube amps with a focus on tone leaving the speaker itself in charge of distortion!



Feel the rhythm section crescendo & flow using Sonor drums, Fender bass guitar with Ampeg amps then add provocative lyrics with a bit of sarcasm and there you have it a Riff/Raff dose of  rock-n-roll.
The timing couldn’t be more perfect, AC/DC is currently on world tour promoting their 15th release
Black Ice, which has ended up as the worlds 2nd highest grossing tour at 441.6 million, second only to the Rolling Stones Big Bang tour at 558.3 million.

Riff/Raff is:
Chris Bolint: (guitar) performing as Angus Young
Sean Dunn: (guitar) performing as Malcolm Young
John Bozek: (drums) performing as Phil Rudd
Sean Dunn: (vocals) performing as Bon Scott
Danny Cox: (bass) performing as Cliff Williams

All Songs are performed in exact lyrical & musical composition as the original studio recordings.